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Hi All:
I am in the process of development of code with some for controlling
some FPGA's, I am hitting a road block where the Flash Prom size is
smaller than the code size. Can anyone let me know if there are any
compression algorithms for compressing data into flash and decompress
when loading it into the FPGA's...

If there are any links I would appreciate if you could direct to them

Thanks in advance

Re: Flash Prom Size
Hi All:
I was looking through some literature and it was explaining under such
circumstances, we can use runlength coding, if anybody has done
something like this, would appreciate your feedback and suggestions


Re: Flash Prom Size

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That depends on a lot of things.  How is the code getting from the
flash and into the FPGA?  Is it an automatic device from the FPGA
manufacturer, or is there a microcontroller or microprocessor in
between?  What is the format of the data in the flash?  Is it already
binary or in some sort of text representation, like JEDEC or some
proprietary format?  Who is the manufacturer of the FPGA?

And finally, why can't you use a larger flash?

Jack Klein
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Re: Flash Prom Size
Hi Jack
The problem is we are replacing some FPGA and we cannot replace the
flash. The new FPGA's are bigger than the flash which we have. The
FPGA's are from Xilinx, I do not have the full details of it...

The data is binary that needs to be saved on flash.

Any advice would help

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