FCC pre-qual Rx/Tx pairs?

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I have been designing with the Lynx CMD-KEY5 and FCTN-DEC1 Tx/Rx modules
for clients who want simple Part 15 RF designs but don't want to front
the time and money for FCC certification.  These are(were) FCC pre-qual'd
and could be just integrated without needing new FCC certifications.  

However, Lynx, in their infinite wisdom is ditching the FCTN-DEC1 line
and telling us to use the "KH" line of chips, which are a little cheaper
and better performance.  However, the FCC cert looms large on the horizon.
Getting a "cert of conformance" or new FCC cert is thousands of $$ and
takes months to live through.  That is enough to kill any interest in a
design for my low volume clients.


Can anyone recommend a USA available Tx/Rx Part 15, FCC pre-certified
product that uses a keyfob or other handheld transmitter (which Lynx still
provides) and a FCC pre-certified (with conformance letter) receiver which
can be integrated into an OEM microcontroller device?  I've not been able
to find one that is simple control line out with 5-8 outputs anywhere.

sigh, I REALLY don't want to deal with FCC certs, and I can't afford to
roll my own device as an OEM module with FCC either.

Thanks all,
* Dennis Clark         snipped-for-privacy@frii.com                www.techtoystoday.com   *
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