Ethernet to CAN and Serial.

If you want to develop custom CAN to ethernet or serial bridging applications we are offering a turn key hardware solution:

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We use the Philips PCA82C251 can tranceiver.

Yes you can run uClinux but the uCOS stuff is twice as fast 1/4th the size, and there are not GPL issues.

We provide a low level software interface to send and receive CAN messages. We have a number of partners that provide higher level CAN softwar drivers.

It's 2.5 times as fast. (147 Mhz vs 66).

We provide a complete set of RTOS, TCP/IP and software tools.

We include deployment tools that allow your customer to easily setup IP addreses, update code in the field etc...

We publish our prices. (I could not find a published price for the IGW900)

Our price is $239 in singles down to $129 Q1000

Our CB34 development kit is $299 with software and tools.

If you want a 5282 based design and are willing to put the CAN driver chip on your own board we go down to $79 in 1K. See out MOD5282

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in this case you can specify ISO11898-2. And galvanic isolation ?

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Heinz-Jürgen Oertel

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