Ethernet based programable sensors

Does anybody know of a cmos based camer that has an intergrated microcontroler which can be programed to process images, background subtraction - point tracking and then stream custom data across tcp/ip?

It just seems so wrong to be using usb cameras, I'm streaming 4 into my computer at the moment and the bandwidth on my usb2 is already critical - what i want is a cloud of customisable vision sensors that only braudcast the data I need in a format I want.

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Very simple to build one. However, I would use a pc-compatible SBC to deal with usb and tcp. USB is more than enough to deal with one camera. Unless you add external memory and stuffs, micro-controllers don't come with enough memory for any image processing.

You should have one-to-one pairs. Namely, one SBC per camera.

You should scan and transmit only the delta data between frames, similar to mpeg, but to a much lesser degree. Email me (epl_at_linnix_dot_com) if you need more details.

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That's a lot for a camera :-^

What you are describing is some form of dedicted image processing system. Often described as Machine Vision and these are NOT cheap.

So you have dicsovered that image processing is lots and lots and lots of data to deal with. If your budget was only viable to use USB cameras, then you need to rethink the solution from basics, then work out what goes where.

That is why you have a PC, you will probably need a cloud of PCs (or their equivalents) to handle the cloud of cameras.

To me it sounds like you have not thought through what is happening and the amount of data and processing required let alone transmission.

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