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I see a lot of commercially available solutions for adding a web server
to an embedded application... however I dont see anything thats
designed for a client type app.

For example, my project has a LCD screen on it, and adding a network
controller chip (realtek, microchip, etc) would not be a problem. What
would be involved in retrieving and displaying web pages?  Is there
anything commercially available that would bridge these two?

Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
You might want to do a Google search on "embedded web client" - there
seems to be quite a few commercially available versions. I've seen the
documentation from Allegrosoft on theirs, and it seems relatively


There may even be some GPL versions out there as well.

Good luck.

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Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
Lantronix Xport


Re: Embedded Web CLIENT

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Try http://www.antlimited.com/products/fresco.htm for a nice embedded

  Anton Erasmus

Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
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You need a TCP/IP stack, then open a socket to port 80 of the server
and start to read and write. Displaying a web page is however not
trivial in that you must implement a browser. I heard about an open
soruce develoepement of an embedded web browser (source forge?). Due
to the complexity of developping such a browser I definately would
take a close look at such a project before deciding to start your own.

If you only have to display certain web pages which you have under
your own control thigns would be a lot easier in that you could
restrict the developement of your "browser" to those features you
acually use. On the other extreme you will find yourself developing a
flash plugin for your browser, implementing a Java Engine, Java Script
and probably a whole lot of other stuff. Just think of a webpage
offering an integrated MPEG video...



Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
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Errrm.... no. The server is, ahem, a web server. The client is the browser.
The embedded app has to worry about the former, not the latter. And,
happily, it's in control.


Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
On Thu, 1 Sep 2005 03:56:57 +0100, "Steve at fivetrees"

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Errrm :_) what? Where in the above paragraph did I used the word
"server" ? I understood that the OP intends to display webpages
fetched from remote sites (yes from a remote server) - that's what a
browser (client as the OP stated) does and if it should be generic
enough to be of use in todays world this means implementing an awfull
lot of stuff - as I mentioned.


Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
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You're quite right; my bad. I misread the post. Gah.


Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
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Faced with a similar problem I chose to adapt eLinks for my

It depends very much on what sort of data you need to render.
JavaScript, cascading style sheets, animated GIFs, background MIDI
music, Flash animations... or just text?

Re: Embedded Web CLIENT
I possibly found a couple of good solutions:


And some good info:
http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/os2001/view/e_sess/1277 ---this
would have been nice!  :(

Re: Embedded Web CLIENT

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http://opera.com/ has a version for mobile phones, with some patented
rendering on small screens.

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