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I am in the process of choosing a USB host stack for a product my compan is working on. We are using uC/OS-II on a Sharp ARM9 SoC. So far we hav narrowed our choices down to:

Jungo's USBware embedded USB host stack.

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Micro Digital's smxUSBH embedded USB host stack.

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On Time's RTUSB-32 embedded USB host stack.

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I am wondering if anyone here has had any experience with these companies or even better, with their USB host stacks. As far as I can tell they al appear to be great companies but I would appreciate feedback from user and customers of these companies with information about what they foun good and/or bad about them and their products.

Thanks, Sarain

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during an Arrow Europe tradeshow, in June, I saw a demo of the "HCC host-lite" library running on a board made by the Embedded Artists. The board was the LPC2468 OEM.

The demo showed how the library was able to read/write files (FAT with long file names) from an USB flash disk.

Look also at Thesycon's USB library. Those guys were selected by Fujitsu to develop a USB host library for some microcontrollers (FUMA library is open source but I think the controller is not OHCI compliant).


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I am curious if you checked out Micrium's USB host stack. Since you are using their uC/OS, I would think you trust them to also make a good USB host stack.


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