Embedded MultiCore Programming


I would like to know about RTOSes which are ported to embedded multicore processors especially ARM9 multicore processor.

And also about application software development tools for embedded multicore processors.

Does we need a RTOS to develop a multithreaded application on embedded multicore processor?

Does we need a special compiler to compile a multithreaded application for embedded multicore processor?

With regards, Hiran M.K.

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Ported RTOSes on ARM9 wince,nucleus, Embedded Visual Studio for the Application Development. Yes should know about the RTOS you are going to use for the applicatio development. I dont think there are any special compiler for the multicore processors

But look at the different compile time options provided by your compile vendor.

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Include Vxworks also. Many RTOS have been ported on dual core processors. CCS is also a good development environment.

Karthik Balaguru

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