Does someone know what is this board?

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I'm quite sure it is an embedded Linux board. Do you know the manufacturer?

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Whatever it is, it's red, and it's a view of the back side.

IIRC, Olimex used that color of solder mask for a while -- look on their website?

Did you blank off the bottom center, where one might expect a board name? Or was that someone else?

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Tim Wescott

I do like a Name That Ware challenge :)

It's an Allwinner board - probably A10, A13 or A20. The giveaway was the IPSOUT signal, which connects to the AXP209 power chip.

The BGA escapes and DRAM layout look similar to Olimex's A20 board:

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so I would guess it's a non-Olimex A20 board. From someone in the Chinese A20 ecosystem?


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Theo Markettos

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