Debug DLL for FTDI D2XX ? Software USB Sniffer for D2XX communication ?


does someone know if there is a debug dll for FTDI D2XX ? I want to trace every call and every data packet which is exchanged over the DLL. There was something for CAPI (ISDN) long time ago, which i think should also work for D2XX. The original DLL was renamed and a new DLL was created which was just a wrapper and calls the original functions of the renamed DLL.

Is such a thing existing ? Or is there meanwhile a general way of doing this ?

By the way: Is there any software USB sniffer which is able to trace USB communication between FTDI D2XX driver and FTDI chip itself ? Or is there even a description of the communication protocol itself ?



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Martin Maurer
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I've used a usb sniffer (sw) for that, don't remember the name, probably found it on

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I haven't seen a description of the protocol, but you can look at the source for the Linux driver its all there.


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