Hi all, I'm designing an FPGA based board. I needed to add DDR-SDRAM. Is there a way to interface the SDRAM to the FPGA other than develop/buy a controller to put inside the FPGA? I mean: are there external DDR-SDRAM controllers?


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Sure, every PC motherboard chipset contains one. But it's less work just to integrate a controller into your FPGA design.

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I'd think the idea of a DDR controller is...strange. It's like you're saying the DDR interface itself is non-optimal, some other interface would be better.

You'll still have to interface with this *other* interface. How is performance? Seems like most DDR controllers that you can plug in would just have the effect of converting a DDR into a slow SRAM. Whoopie. DDR shines when you can do big burst accesses and when you're not switching between rows, you can get fantastic bandwidth out of them. Any controller would just abstract that away and you'd lose performance.


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