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I have a project where I would like send some simple low rate data over an existing 12VAC power line. The devices connected to line will need to retrieve the data and respond accordingly. I have looked at the X-10 implementation but it appears they are using custom transformers to couple to the power lines. I do like the idea of the 120KHz busts to represent bits so I may adopt that. Does anyone know of a way to couple a 120KHz signal to an 12V 60Hz AC line and remain isolated? I don't mind using a transformer if it is an off the shelf part.



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Usually a trafo and caps are used. I use these Siemens current compentated dual inductivities, EPCOS(not Siemens anymore), for example : B82721-A2202-N1, 2A 1mH Basically a transformator doing 1:1. It takes 250VAC, 1500Vpk 2sec. Take the secondary winding and connect it with 2 caps , 100nF 500VAC to Line-Neutral or Phase-Phase or whatever. At the primary, you have your electronics.


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