Cypress EZ-USB GPIF FIFO Writes


I'm trying to get burst GPIF FIFO writes happening on the abovementioned chip. I'm attempting to burst 5 bytes from OUT FIFO A onto an 8-bit GPIF bus. I'm using a transaction count of 5 and writing ($FF) to the AFIFO trigger register.

What I'm getting is 5 bytes transferred, but they're all the 1st byte in the FIFO. I *am* using the NEXT flag in an interval to pop the FIFO. However it doesn't appear to work.

Interestingly, if I use the NEXT flag in the 1st interval of the write waveform, then I get the *second* FIFO byte for all 5 outputs on the GPIF bus (rather than the 1st).


BTW my GPIF FIFO reads work fine.

Any ideas? Any erratas, knowledge bases?

Regards, Mark

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Mark McDougall
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