confused about MAC address generation

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Hi all

I'm a bit confused about a tutorial found at the ieee site.

I.e. 3com got the OUI assigned by ieee of 00-50-04 (hex) If I dump
networktraffic from a system that is having such a 3com nic installed
I find in the dump what I would expect namely 00-50-40-xx-xx-xx as the
machines MAC address. Now, the confusing part actually comes from the
following document:

According to this document the OUI AC-DE-48 would have a binary
representation of


where 'C' would contain the last significant bit but would be
transmitted first??

Is it true that the bits of a byte on ethernet are transfered in "non
network" order or do I miss something? If this is true, all is well in
that a dump of above example OUI in fact would result in
AC-DE-48-xx-xx-xx and not in CA-ED-84 but I think they better should
take that "tutorial" off line or else point this out more clearly -
no? Any comments welcome.



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