Circuit Design & Simulation software?

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Is there any software to (preferrable in freeware domain) build circuits & simulate it? I want to experiment with some simple circuits and want to simulate the behavior. Like what would be the voltage or current in different part of the circuit, what will be the effect of adding more resistor somewhere in between etc.

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Google brings up lots of them but I don't know what the quality of these are.

A paid for version that I hav seen operating well is SIMetrix

An associate who does ASIC design and other designs uses it and it does do a lot of useful things like adding scope (volt/current) probes to any point in a circuit.

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Paul Carpenter

look for switchercad, good and free


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Stef Mientki

LTSpice is often recommended

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BeigeBag has a free Lite version
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There are several FOSS versions. Check
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Rich Webb

"Neo" wrote in news:

Tina Pro? No freeware but very cheap.


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Sam Storm van Leeuwen

LTSpice seems to be the favourite. Google will find it for you.


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Ian Bell

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