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We want to implement  CAN protocol in a 15-day project at the graduate
Does  anyone have any suggestions for something which would be light
on h/w though at  thesame time should implement all the features ?

Re: CAN for beginner
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Don't know what you mean by "all the features", but an easy start would be
Lawicel WiCAN modules. Dontronics sells them. These are cheap 28-pin DIL
modules that include an Atmel AVR processor (ATMEGA161L) and an SJA1000 CAN
controller with 82C251 CAN driver. The modules have an RS232 port which make
it easy to hook it up to a standard PC RS-232 port with Hyperterm (or better

Lawicel has C libraries available for several AVR C compilers that make it
easy to send/receive CAN messages. If you write a basic CAN monitor for it
you should have no trouble teaching CAN from there. If your students are
bright, hand them the chip specs and have them write the monitor themselves

Mind you, this is just the low level CAN communication, not any of the
higher level protocols..


Re: CAN for beginner

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It's pretty unclear what you mean with that.  

CAN, for starters, is not so much a protocol as a physical and link
layer definition.  Protocols like CANOpen and others use CAN as their

I hope you don't want to implement CAN itself within 15 days --- that
would almost certainly be impossible.

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All features of _what_?
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