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I am thinking of moving to an ARM of some description for our product in the
next revision (we need some good fp performance).

I am wondering if anyone else has made this transition and what the effect
on code size was.

We currently use about 110kb of AVR code.  So I am assuming that  512kb of
flash for an arm is probably tight?  Can anyone comment?


Re: AVR to ARM

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IMHO, it should fit, especially if the ARM code is in Thumb mode.

I moved an application from Intel 80C188 to Atmel AT91R40008 (ARM7TDMI). The
code size stayed substantially the same (40064 bytes vs 40016 bytes). The
Intel code was compiled with the Borland C v. 4.5 and the ARM/Thumb code
with GNU C (gcc-2.95).

The code may be even a little shorter, if the application calculates with
16- or 32-bit entities, as an ARM will handle the operation in one
instruction but the AVR needs many.


Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio @ iki fi

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