[ANN] Seminar: GPL versus Intellectual Property

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     Is your IP safe? What about tomorrow? What are you doing to
protect your company's Intellectual Property while using GPL and
other open source licensed software as SCO and IBM duke it out
in the courts and boardrooms?
     Protecting company intellectual property while taking
maximum advantage of GPL (and other Open Source licensed)
software is essential in today's environment. The central
activity of this course is the preparation of a project
implementation plan that specifically lists the steps and
provisions necessary to protect your Intellectual Property
throughout the product life-time.
     This one-day seminar is for managers of software engineering
organizations. Senior engineering personnel and engineering vice
presidents venturing into the use of open source software should
also attend.
     For more information, send email to snipped-for-privacy@rytetyme.com or
visit our website at http://www.rytetyme.com/ for complete


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