Atmel Bought by Microchip

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There are Kinetis (Freescale, now NXP) M0+ devices for $0.50 or so.

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David Brown

Yes this is true. What I don't know is of any specific ones with capabilities similar to the more popular AVR's (on-chip eeprom is one such feature that seems hard to find). It's also the case (I suppose this would count as "inertia") that at least at the moment, there's lots of little development boards with interesting functions, that use the AVR and don't seem to have ARM counterparts.

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Paul Rubin

Kinetis KE devices are 5V and have 256 bytes eeprom. The eeprom can be enough for many applications, but it is indeed smaller than the AVR's. They are also rated at 6kV ESD in the datasheet. This is quite high, AVR's are somewhere around 4kV, STM32 and Silabs devices are regular

2kV. I re-designed a board which had an atmega8, with a STM32 M0 device (a STM32F030 variant). That board just didn't work in that environment (very noisy industrial). I was forced to revert to the poor AVR....
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No prob about it being smaller. For most uses I've thought of, a few dozen bytes is plenty, but 0 bytes limits some applications.

Hmm, I hadn't even thought of that issue. Another thing someone mentioned about avr's is that the gpio pins can source (or maybe just sink) quite a lot of current, like 40mA. That has to be good for something.

On the other hand, the idle power consumption of the common avr's is quite a lot higher than I expected, if I'm reading this right:

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Paul Rubin

Yes indeed. Although, depending on the internal flash technology and provided interface to the user, one can emulate a eeprom. I'm doing this on STM32F030 devices which don't have eeprom.

Neither did I, until I faced it. I had some boards with XMEGA devices which I ported to cheaper F030. No problem, but the industrial environment was quite "normal". I thought I can equalize the family by porting some other two designs which had ATMEGA8 cpu to the same F030... No luck this time. The F030 just stops working. The internal watchdog gets it back to work, and it's quite fast at 2ms. But the hiccups are noticeable.

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So what is your point?

Groetjes Albert

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Albert van der Horst

Cyanides come in both organic and inorganic forms. The inorganic forms are deadly. In the small quantities typically found in foods, the body can eliminate the organic forms.


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George Neuner

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