Atmega 128 and AT25F512A flash memory problems

Heya guys,

I'm trying to get the AT25F512A 512kb flash chip working with an Atmega128, but unfortunately without any success thus far.

I'm using the AVRlib SPI and SPIFlash .c and .h files to get it going, however I had to change the SPIByte function in SPIFlash.c into SpiTransferByte and SpiSendByte where I thought appropriate.

I'm using the interrupt option with #define SPI_USEINT.

I also changed the SECTERASE and CHIPERASE as well as the PAGESIZE defines to 0x52, 0x62 and 128 respectively.

I added sbi(DDRB, 4); to enable write protect in the SPI.C SPIinit function.

The function in my MAIN is: unsigned char tempz[5] ; spiflashWrite(1535, 5, StrKM); spiflashRead(1535, 5, tempz); GLCD_WriteString(tempz);

StrKM is a pointer to a character array containing a 5 character string.

I'm using the Universal KS0108 driver library to output the data to the LCD screen.

This is part of a larger project. The only time some data showed up on the screen is when trying the readID function. When using this function I only get strange characters(all the same), with or without using the write function.

I am a beginner with the AVR processors and libraries so it could well be that I forgot to enable or disable a certain bit here.

What am I overlooking here? Many many thanks beforehand for helping me.

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