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Hello group.

Please, I would like to know about experiences with the Atmel AT91RM9200 µC. We are evaluating its use in a current project and I would like to know if we should expect surprises if we finally choose it ;o)

Thanks & warmest regards.

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On 10 Aug 2003 18:53:38 -0700, (Pablo Bleyer Kocik) wrote in comp.arch.embedded:

We're using this part in a new design. A few of our programmers have worked with the (way overpriced, in my opinion) SDK from Atmel using an Abatron BDI2000, and so far everything seems to work as described, with the exception of the boot ROM which we were told in advance was not present in the early silicon revision.

We haven't necessarily tried all of the features, only the ones that we plan to use in our application.

The real testing will begin in about 10 days when our first spin prototype boards are due in.

Send me an email if you'd be interested in hearing more in 2 weeks or so.

Jack Klein
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