AT45DB161B write current too high?

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I am using this Atmel serial flash in a very low power portable device.
According to the data sheet, the write current is 15 mA typical and 35 mA
maximum. I measured 60 mA during the write operation, this seems to be too
Anybody uses this part? I measured the current into the Vcc pin, 60 mA
during write, 30 mA during erase cycle. We measured at Vcc=3V and 3,6 V too,
similar results.

Is it possible, or I misunderstood something?
Maybe the given current is average (average of the low current periods of
the series data transfer and the higher current write cycles)?
Or I did some mistake? But the IC is selected out by the chipselect during
the internally timed write cycle, the pins are on proper levels etc...

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