Adding the new "USB CUSTOM CLASS" template to CubeMX for STM32?

When preparing nonstandard USB firmwares for STM32 microcontrollers, it would be perfect to have a possibility to use a "CUSTOM CLASS", in "Class for FS IP" list in CubeMX. Unfortunately it is not available. I have taken a look into CubeMX, and have found that for example the CUSTOM HID class is implemented in the following way:

In the USB_DEVICE_-STM32???_Configs.xml file there are the following sections:

[...] [...] [...]

Then of course there are various files in the STM32CubeMX/db/templates directory: usbd_custom_hid_if_c.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_l4_c.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_h7_c.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_f7_c.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_f4_c.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_l5_c.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_g4_c.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_h.ftl usbd_custom_hid_if_wb_c.ftl

Has anybody tried to add the support for USB CUSTOM CLASS by adding sections/files similar to the above ones (with custom_hid replaced with custom_class), of course with apprpriately modified contents? Have I overlooked something else that should be modified?

TIA & Regards, Wojtek

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Wojciech Zabolotny
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