200 kbps wireless transfer?

Hi all, I am trying to find a way to transfer around 200 kbps (duplex) from/to a homebuild project to/from a PC. Any recommendations? Preferably a cheap and simple interface... :-)

I have looked at Bluetooth, but apparently it can only transfer at high data rates in one direction.

WLAN can do it, but interfacing to this from a homebuilt device is probably too difficult.

Best regards Preben

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Preben Mikael Bohn
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Take a look at

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for a WiFi solution for the PIC Micro

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Bluetooth can transfer at about 700+ Kbps in one direction at any one time, but it can also do 300+ Kbps in both directions. Don't confuse the TDMA mechanism for one-way communications.


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Peter Stephens

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