1Mx32 Flash memory

hi everybody,

i m searching for 5V, 1Mx32 Flash memory for my application in single chip. But struggling to get it. can anybody suggest any particular one?

thank you, shridhar.

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I think you'll have a great deal of difficulty getting such a chip. Even for low voltages, which are far more popular these days, there are very few

32-bit wide flash chips. Most 32-bit databuses are used for performance reasons, and flash does not work well at high speeds, so a more common arrangement on faster processor busses is to use a 16-bit wide slow cheap flash for booting and program storage, and have the boot loader copy the main program into much faster 32-bit wide burst static ram or some sort of dynamic ram, depending on the processor.
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AT49LD3200B is 1 M x 32, but it is not 5 V.

5V Flash is on its way out.
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