Power supply current?


** Fair enough - the OP has been very vague.
** But not *power* triodes - like the 300B.

They like 700 to 800V.

** Only IF you use toriodals.

The magnetising current with cheap E-cores will spoil that quite a bit.

Look, I admit have done it myself for a low current, tube pre-amp with a pair of 12AX7 / ECCL83s.


I admit I have done many things myself I would never recommend on an internet forum while ever I use my REAL name.

There is so much risk of *misinterpretation* of a seemingly good idea.

One reason being, 500VDC is dangerous, concieveably fatal for anyone with little experience.

BTW I think you are one of the better, more serious posters here.

.... Phil

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** I do know it can - but no so much at higher currents.

** Well, it in fact does.

AC supply transformers are NOT intended to be run backwards.

Take a 15VA, 240V to 6.3V tranny - the off load voltage is gonna be about 7.5V. The gives a turns ratio of 32:1.

On load, 6.3V multiplied by 32 = 201V - so not 240.

Now, the approx 30mA magnetising current has moved from the primary secondary, so multiplied by 32 = 0.96 amps.

In reality you will be lucky to get 180V before rectification, filtering and load.

Been there, done that.

... Phil

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Phil Allison

OK, I'll take your word for it. As I said, I did that "many moons ago" - decades in fact, and I don't remember the details.

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About right. Over 30 years ago I used back-to-back toroidals to get a safer supply to a 230V pond pump 10 metres away in the garden.

The matching toroidals were 230:18-21-24-27-30V and rated at 3A. I used the 30V output of the first, ran it through 10m of 1.5mm^2 cable, and connected it the 27V secondary of the second toroidal. The pump was rated at 50W, and, from what I remember, I got about 220V out from the primary of the second toroidal when under load. It worked that way without problem for many years.


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So far as making ones own is concerned, I found this

formatting link
while looking for something else.

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