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SolderSmoke -- A Global Adventure in Radio Electronics From Crystal Radios to Podcast MP3s With Occasional Forays into Astronomy, Kite Aerial Photography, and Model Rocketry

SolderSmoke is the story of a secret, round-the-world, after-hours life in electronics. Bill Meara started out as a normal kid, but around the age of 12 he got interested in radio... To make matters worse, when he got older he became a diplomat. In all of the places he has lived, his hobby caused him to seek out like-minded radio fiends, to stay up late into the night working on strange projects, and to build embarrassingly large antennas above innocent foreign neighborhoods. SolderSmoke takes you into the world of an expatriate geek. It is a technical memoir filled with funny stories and with serious descriptions of Bill's struggles to truly understand the theory behind the equipment that he built.

---------------------------------------------------- My intention was to produce a book that is both fun and useful. The memoir part of the book is about my life as electronics-addicted diplomat. But this is more than a memoir: portions of each chapter describe my struggles to really understand the theory behind the circuits that I was building. Throughout, I try to lace the text with inspirational descriptions of the fraternal, cooperative, international aspects of ham radio, of what we call "The International Brotherhood of Electronic Wizards." In short, its the kind of book that a techie would like to take to the beach.

Here is the web site -- it has the cover photo and a preview of the first chapter.

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