Help me to answer some basic Electronics questions

Hello, Plz help me by answering these questions-

1) How does net browsing and searching a site takes place in internet ? 2) Advantage of Transistor over FET ? 3) Quantisation effect on BW of a signal ? 4) Why we use laplace transform, F Transform and DFT ? 5) Where each of these bands are used in Satellite comm.- uhf, C, X, Ku, ka 6) Skin effect ? 7) what is the loss range in Coaxial cables ? 8) How to convert a transistor to diode ? 9) How to run a PC with a DC source ? 10) Physical realization of Phase modulation ?


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not an electronics related question. search on http, sql, cgi

for what?

Sometimes the BW is 2X the quantization freq plus the harmonics of the modulating signal - depends on modulation type - try the ARRL Handbook at da liberry.

a) transforms a differential eq to an algebraic one. b) by transforming a complex periodic wave to Fourier series, we can then analyze the effect of a system on the individual sinusoidal components of said wave. c) DFT/FFT is how we convert a sampled signal in the time domain to the frequency domain.

try google on ITU region II frequency allocation/spectrun -- or electronic databook, by TAB. Ku is roughly 10 GHz, C is 3.5 GHz (?), UHF is 300 - 3000 MHz

google again - higher freq currents flow on the outside of a conductor.

up to 9 dB per 100 ft or greater at 1000 GHz

transisters can't be converted back to dudes. once you cut it off, that's it.

connect the collector to the base. use the b-e junction of an npn, for example.

Inverter. Try Walmart. Not all inverters are suitable for this.

You get dizzy and fall down. No... you vary a reactance to vary the freq or phase. google varactor and IIRC saturable core reactor.

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