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With the crossbreeding of amateur (ham) radio operators and electronics professionals being something on the order of 25%, this is only slightly OT.

There is a free online ham radio course being offered and sponsored by RST Engineering at

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. It is intended to take anybody with an interest in getting a ham radio license from zero knowledge through at least enough knowledge to pass the written exam. There is no practical exam for a ham license; pass the written and you am one. The site is intended to take somebody with no prior knowledge of the subject to be ready to pass at least one class of license within 30 days.

There are no time limits. Study at your own pace; my college class is taking the exam(s) on the 26th of February, but the rest of the world can take whatever time they see fit. I will suggest that total immersion is the best way to study this subject. If you don't want to buy the study guide books from the sources that I recommend, most college and municipal libraries either have them or can get them temporarily for a small fee.

While I wrote this site specifically for my college electronics class students, with it being on the web, anybody in the USA and possessions can use the site to study for the license. There is virtually nowhere in the USA that there are not volunteer examiners within a short distance of your home. (See

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f or the location closest to you.) There is a nominal fee between zero and $15 charged by the organization that prints, mails, examines, and files the paperwork to cover their costs of doing business.

There are three classes of license:

Technician has no code and an elementary theory and regulations exam. It permits limited operation below 30 MHz., but grants all privileges from 30 MHz. on up.

General has a 5wpm code exam and a moderate theory and regulations exam. It permits almost all operation on any amateur radio band, with little tiny slices here and there reserved for the ...

Extra has a 5wpm code exam and a rather extensive theory and regulations exam. It permits all operations on any amateur radio band.

This site is brought to you by RST Engineering, written by Jim (WX6RST), and the website maintained by Gailla (KB9MII) who is also using the site to upgrade from Technician to either General or Extra. Enjoy.


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