Counter not decrementing to exact value to 0x00000

Hi all,

I am using Decade counter of 16 - bit, and the value decades from

0x3FFFF to 0x00000

After calculating the number of counts occured on input pulse with setting time base, i am trying to show the decrement of each step to the value based on count.

Let say if i get count 10 and i am showing each count value: (0x3FFFF/ A = 0x06666)

9nth: 0x39999 8th: 0x33333 7nth:0x2CCCD 6th:0x26667 5th:0x20001 4th:0x1999B 3rd:0x13335 2nd:0x0CCCF 1st:0x06669 0th:0x00003

After these each count calculation my counter not reaching exact value to 0x00000, it still have some value(0x00003). May i know the reason and how to solve this to reach to 0x00000.

Please suggest me some techniques and steps.


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1) 0x3FFF = 16383 2) 16383 / 10 = 1638 with a remainder of 3 3) Profit!
Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

Well spotted Rich. :-)

Best Regards:
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"Decade" means base 10. This is not a decade counter. And decade is not a verb.

Is this homework? What are you trying to acomplish?

Thanks, RIch

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Rich Grise

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