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Youtube is a wonderful source of information on just about any topic in the universe you could desire. For example, see this article on solar cells:

How Scientists Achieved 39.7% Efficiency

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The problem is the huge number of ads that can render a video unusable.

If you are using Firefox, the best ad blocker I have found is Adblock Plus. It is faster and uses less memory than other versions. It kills all ads except the ones that are part of the video. I just skip over them.

You can download Adblock Plus at

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The next problem is the muffled sound in Youtube videos. Frequencies above

500Hz need to be boosted by about 12 dB for a clear and natural sound. An excellent product is Audio Equalizer at

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Neither of these add-ons seem to be othered by which version of Firefox you are using. I am using FF 52.0.2 and both work fine.

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Steve Wilson
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Steve Wilson wrote in news:XnsACD8C003378E3idtokenpost@

All you need to do is get "ClipGrab" and when you see a video you like, grab it and watch it 100% uninterrupted.

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John Doe wrote in news:s0uu1q$fcg$

I DL music videos on YT instead of finding an MP3 somewhere.

It is MP3 quality or better.

ClipGrab is your friend.

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Sounds like you need new speakers. There is a wide variation in the quality of what can be found on the Internet. You Tube or otherwise. Software fixes to audio quality issues are usually worthless.

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Edward Rawde


** It is ALSO a virtually limitless source of mis-information and FAKE information.

Buyer beware.

** I don't get any, other than ones spoken by the presenter.
** Absolutely !!

Most spoken word vids are terribly muffled. I have to use full bass cut and half treble boost on my 1970s Kenwood amp to get clear sound. The speakers are good quality, mini two-ways made by NHT.

OTOH music vids, live or recorded material, mostly sound fine.

...... Phil

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Phil Allison

  • Where? The link is only for UNSPECIFIED version of Firefox and the screens do NOT mention Adblock.
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Robert Baer

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