Which subwoofer sounds most like Gigaworks S750 ?


Within a few days a nice new piece of music will come out, the alt.c64 is a hint at that.

Anyway first I will listen to the new music on my current audio setup.

However the music will sound even more awesome with a powered-subwoofer, a subwoofer which is currently lacking from my setup.

I once had a Gigaworks S750 but the electronics of this subwoofer failed.

I would like to buy a new powered subwoofer which sounds just like it or perhaps even better.

The subwoofer should have a nice, deep, warm feeling to it.

So my question to any of you is:

Which subwoofer sounds most like a Gigaworks S750 ?

It would probably have to be a downwards subwoofer since that is what the S750 was.

This probably also keeps the embrane most stable for accurate sound reproduction.

Price range is a max of 500 dollars/euros or so.

I have seen a few in the past which looked just like it but ofcourse I can never know if it truely sounds like it, at the time didn't really mind not having one.

But for this latest piece of music, it will make it so much more awesome ! So it kinda required now ! ;) YEAHAHA !

Bye, Skyboom ! =D

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Skybuck Flying
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Just connect up that PC to a home theater system, you'll never look back.

BTW: I miss my old Yamaha Chipset sound Card (Hercules)


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Martin Riddle

" Just connect up that PC to a home theater system, you'll never look back. "

Euhm I know from experience that is not as easy as it sounds.

I already have the 7 speakers from the Gigaworks S750 connected to a denon

1909 receiver.

Just need a nice sounding subwoofer to go along with it.

I also have a sennheiser headset/headphone... I can hear some bass on there too, however than the high pitch sounds sound a bit less.

Bye, Skybuck.

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Skybuck Flying

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