Anybody interested in Gigaworks S750 subwoofer ?


I am willing to sell my broken/dead Gigaworks S750 subwoofer for 25 euro's.

Information about this device is here:

formatting link

Interested buyer will have to pick up the device in my street.

Contact me at


2000 @ hotmail . com

If interested or if you know anybody that is interested in buying it and repairing it.

Bye, Skybuck.

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Around here, we have to pay to have trash hauled away.

Leave it out; some fool may steal it.

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Funny tip !

The unit does seem somewhat valuable.

The wooden box, the tripple voice coil was is quite rare and the electronics inside of it...

Could be used to repair other units.

Presumeably the PCB is cracked ?!

Anybody have any experience with fixing a cracked PCB ?

Bye for now, Skybuck.

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Where are you:

I'm at prime.scorching.dupe - may be too far away.


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Michael Kellett

Would anyone seriously consider buying equipment that has passed though this persons hands ???

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I don't know if the gluey mess is really Creative Labs handiwork or Skybuck's own.

But he's willing to let someone die to pocket 25 euros.

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Jose Curvo

Maybe Santa's ?! :)

You funny.

That's what fuses are for, the device has em, needs to replaced.

So all is safe right ? ;)

Bye, Skybuck.

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