Where can i find used solder/desolder stations?

Hi, i'm looking for links where i can buy used (and in a good state) solder/desolder stations: do you know one? I'm interested in jbc models, but their price (for new models) is very high... Can you help me? thanks

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eBay? Craiglist? Kijiji?

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I can't imagine anyone letting a working soldering station out of their grasp.

You might want to check out liquidations of companies that have been destroyed by Obammunomics.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Like al-Qaeda.

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larry moe 'n curly

Older STSS Metcal power units are often available on eBay quite cheaply. They can use the latest MX-500 and MX-5000 handpieces and cartridges.

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thanks all for your reply... I've looked JBC tools, but are expensive...i'm looking a cheaper (but good) desolder station: i've looked weller, but their price is similar (or i'm wrong?)...on your experience, can you suggest one? Thanks

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On a sunny day (Mon, 25 Jul 2011 13:50:57 -0700 (PDT)) it happened "larry moe 'n curly" wrote in :

Never seen Osama post here, unless under alias of course :-)

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Jan Panteltje

Howard Electronics has name brand systems and accessories for pretty reasonable prices. They do carry JBC but also have Xytronic. I've been pretty happy with Xytronic stuff (have both their hot air and combined iron/suction stations) but, as always, YMMV.

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Circuit Specialists has some "house branded" stations that are probably made in the same factory:

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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