Troubleshoot desk lamp

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After the hurricane and power outage I had a defective radio, computer  
and desk lamp, all plugged into the same outlet. Nothing else electrical  
in the house was damaged.
  The lamp is fluorescent FML-27W-6500k it has 4 pins.

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The fixture has an electronic ballast.
  The ballast looks clean, nothing odd except a unidentified minor smell.
Bringing my scope probe close I can tell it is oscillating. Although it  
looks like a thin pulse at 1,458 Hz, (that doesn't seem right). I have  
no idea what the output should look like. There are 4 pins and the  
driver has 4 wires out to the bulb, all from different connections.
  I want to know how to separate a defective bulb from a defective  
driver without buying a new bulb.

Re: Troubleshoot desk lamp
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Test the bulb. - check the two filaments first. they should look like

  When I tried casting out nines I made a hash of it.

Re: Troubleshoot desk lamp
On 1/12/2019 2:38 PM, Jasen Betts wrote:
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  OK, refreshed my memory. So this tube is like a long tube, a filament  
at each end, heats the gas, a high voltage strikes the arc and then the  
voltage decreases.
  One side measures 2.68 Meg ohms (not my fingers) and the other side is  
  So, I'll splurge for a new bulb.

     Thanks, Mikek

Re: Troubleshoot desk lamp
On Sunday, 13 January 2019 01:03:45 UTC, amdx  wrote:
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You could check the ballast first if you want by lashing up a 20w+ CFL tube to it.


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