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I have a question regarding the zero-cross TRIAC driver by Sharp, part number: PC3SH21YFZBF

Will the TRIAC driver trigger at any time the voltage across its terminals is less than Vox and the required level of Ift is present?

Thank you, Rob

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A zero crossing triac will indeed trigger conduction only when the Voltage across the device is near zero and you supply the V and I for the gate. This is nice for resistive loads, as voltage and current are in phase. for inductive loads, like relays motors, solenoids, etc, the voltage and current are not in phase and thats when the 'fun' starts!


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I'm trying to define "Near Zero" based on the data sheet. The Sharp device calls out a Vox (zero-cross voltage), which I believe is also equivalent to what some vendors call out as the inhibit voltage, V(IH). I'm wondering if this spec is the device's range around zero which the driver can trigger.

My load is resistive, which makes things easier. Yes, an inductive load does get tricky due to the V and I phase shift--false triggers or the TRIAC never turning off becomes a big concern with inductive loads.

Thank you for the resp>> All,

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