translate mosfet ads (advanced_curtice2) model to spice model

I need to simulate an nmosfet in spice but the manufacturer website only provides an ads model (Advanced curtice quadratic). does anyone have a table that shows the correlation of the parameters or even a translation tool.

thanks, daniel.

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What's the MOSFET's part number?

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Winfield Hill

That's a GaAs FET model, a rather old one... it's called Level=1 in PSpice and there are models all the way up to Level=6.

==>> It's GaAs FET, NOT MOSFET.

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Jim Thompson

OK, thanks a lot! But I still need to put the ATF54143 specific parameters into the model because I can't find it in the list? I'm using a simpler freeware version called SuperSpice.

(I thought MOS is MetalOxideSemiconductor or is it MetalOxideSilicon?)

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