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Does anybody make a gadget that combines programmable thermostat and AC outlet? I have two applications in mind. #1 I want to control temperature in small room using space heater.

#2 If one has an apartment heated by what (I think) is called gas log - furnace-gas stove combination. The gas is electrically ignited (the thing has AC plug). It has some sort of thermostat, there are no other controls. I want to set temperature accurately and be able to keep the place cold at night and when nobody is home.

Can anybody see anything wrong with "inserting" thermostat-controlled switch between the stove and AC outlet?

Has anybody seen such a gadget? Thanks!

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Coffee timer?

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Probably not, provided the thing is designed to be safe when powered all the time (built in controls are not tampered with). But it's not designed to have the power 'fail' so frequently, so it's not entirely clear-cut that it's safe from my conservative way of thinking.

Nothing cheap that I can recall.

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Spehro Pefhany

I've seen them with outputs that could drive a relay. Would that work for you?

George H.

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George Herold

Yes, there are 'high voltage' programmable thermostats. Most are for

240 volts however, so a standard space heater probably won't work. Consider an interface box with a relay, powersupply (transformer) and a standard programmable thermostat. I've done that in the past with A/C units.

How would this shut off the gas?

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Building it is a pain (get a box, add AC-DC power supply...). I'd rather buy than build...

I would not think of messing with gas line ... The stove has AC connection. I assume it opens/closes gas connection and lights the gas up. I would set the stove "thermostat" to warmer_than_I_need value and control AC connection by "electronic" thermostat

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They make line voltage thermostats. Some are programmable. You could wire one in series with an outlet.

Beware of those that power the t'stat timer processor by robbing a bit of the load current. When you unplug the load, the timer loses its settings. Or the backup battery runs down. And then the settings are lost.

For an electric space heater, this would be fine.

For a gas heater, it will work but there could be some strange behavior. Some gas appliances go through a safety start up cycle following the supply power being restored. My furnace goes through a gas purge cycle, which could be annoying if it happens every time the power comes on.

Check the operation of the unit under such conditions.

Paul Hovnanian
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

When I did one, it was trivial, took about 15 minutes, relay, plug and wire, and a simple transformer.

I guess I don't understand how your gas heater works. So pulling the plug shuts it totally off? And what is the 'AC' connection?

Most gas heaters that I know of, once started, don't shut off when they loose power.

Maybe post the name, and model numbers?

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