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Telephone Advisory...

When I am out of the office my calls automatically roll to my cellphone.

If I am in a meeting and have my cellphone "quieted", call divert into the cellphone's voice-mail, which answers with a number you didn't dial... don't panic, leave a message.

A caller from the Netherlands this morning hung up on the voice-mail.

Please call again ;-) ...Jim Thompson

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Why don't you customise the cell phone message to the effect of "You have reached the voicemail of Jim Thompson please leave you name and number after the tone and I will get back to you ASAP".

A lot of people hang up when faced with an answerphone and then ring again after they have worked out what to say. Some of them will even remember to give you their name and phone number too!

I am thinking about making my spiel about 5s longer since at the moment I get a lot of "or press 9 to opt out" nul messages from phone spam Daleks the extra seconds of outgoing msg would allow them to hang up.

Martin Brown
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Martin Brown

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