stupid is as stupid does...

Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity

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David Eather
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David Eather wrote: ================

** Came across that U-tube about a week ago. Thought it was rather spot on.

Stupidity ( basically lack of independent thought ) is everywhere and worse than malice in that it is near impossible to defeat. Combine the two and you have really got something.

IMO the arrival of the internet social media has made the danger far worse. Much like he "Babel Fish " did.

Allows millions of stupid people to constantly misinform the gullible.

..... Phil

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Phil Allison

If rationality is normally distributed, then half the population is stupid, and 99% are dumber than the best 1%.

But the 1% can act pretty dumb too.

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John Larkin

It's not the stupid who "misinform the gullible". It's the malicious who misinform the stupid!

Wow! This explains why Phil is so hard to have a conversation with. He is the perfect storm of stupidity and malice! But it is not really any harder to deal with than just stupidity... well, when it's in the same person as is the case with Phil. It's when you have malicious people manipulating the stupids that everything goes to hell.

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Rick C

** Think it really is. Delusional Ffols just like you.
** It's them too sometimes. But stupids are around in far bigger numbers.

** Fuck off lunatic.

** For lying, f***ed in the head, self important idiots like you. Yes.

FOAD you vile troll.

... Phil

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Phil Allison

Rick C wrote in news:

Frank got it right... way back in 1941

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