Spectrum analyzer for SSFH

I am wanting to monitor the signal strength (only) of a 400Mhz spread spectrum frequency hopping signal. I don't need to know the real time frequency component.

What capabilities must a spectrum analyzer have to do this? Any particular model recommended? I understand all some will show is analog artifact.

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Why not using the corresponding FH receiver as a signal strength monitor (measuring the RSSI somewhere) ? A standard spectrum analyzer with never know on which frequency your transmitter will jump, but your FH receiver will. This way you would be able to monitor the power of each successive frequency jump quite easily. To do the same with a generic spectrum analyzer you will definitily need a wideband, FFT based, spectrum analyzer (not cheap), and not a swept type, except if you accept to put the SA in peak mode and to wait for a while... Another alternative, as your frequency range is quite low, would be to use a decent digital scope (bandwitdh 500MHz or so), to digitize the entire analog signal and then to calculate the FFT.

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Any old diode detector will work, trigger on amplitude threshold and store. Linear Technology and Analog Devices make several convenient parts that are temperature stabilzed and amplify detected envelope. You can calibrate these to better accuracy than a spectrum analyzer will give.

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