Small battery + motor design

I'm reposting this in a diiferent format. Please tell me how you would design. Application - Operate vibrating motor with 1 button battery and on/off swith. The PRIMARY desgn concern is SMALL in size - every MM is critical. Battery should operate motor for 15-30 mintues at full power - we don't want to regulate power to motor as the battery is barely enough to drive it as is.

Operation - Initiate on button (assume tact switch) motor runs and remains running until switch is initiated again and motor is now off.

Planned components.

Battery - LR43 -

formatting link
(smallest battery we can effectively use as far I know)

Motor -

formatting link

Switch -

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I have assumed a tact switch because I could not find a latching mechanical switch that was small in size. A latching switch would be nice because that simplifies things. The other MUST on the switch is low operting force - would prefer 160Gf or less. Once again SIZE is critical - I would like to keep it below 6x4x5 (LxWxH) mm.

So if we use a tact switch then we need an IC switch of some sort. Press/release the tact sw. circuit is closed and motor operates (circuit remains closed). Press/release tact sw. again and motor if off/circuit open. This is the part that is missing. I am working with a factory in China and they had a concern that as the voltage drops off the IC will not work properly. This might be the low dropout? I am no electrical enginner, but I do search hard and I noticed a lot of the IC switches that I researched require 1.65V or more to operate. I'm not even sure I'm looking at the correct components, but I can imagine a switch requires some V to remain in the closed/latched position. I think the concern is the motor sucks a lot of power from the battery and V will drop off - but we want the motor to operate at the highest capacity until the battery is dead or it is turned off.

I had one response earlier that suggested a NPN transistor, but I am wondering if this works with the tact switch - circuit remains closed after momentary intitiation of tact switch. Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm trying to understand and learn.

Please remember SIZE is extremely important. You can call me if you have any questions 480-990-3023.

Thanks for looking at this and responding.

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Can you make a paypal payment? How about 50% up front and 50% when you get the final plans..?? D from BC

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D from BC

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