Signal-level Security

I mean protection for the data transferred between components on a PCB, against access from someone who has physical access to the board. As an example, there is a data bus between the baseband and a FPGA.

Is there a method to prevent someone who has access to the board, from reading the data on that bus using a scope?

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You have three not very good options.

(1) You can encript the data if it is digital. This adds a bunch of electronics to the two ends of the path.

(2) You can make the meaning of the signal so obscure that no-one ever figures out how to decode it. This very hard to do because 6 billion people are working agaisnt you.

(3) You can use "quantum encription". Basically you send the data with a very poor SNR and lots of error correction codes and require that the error rate remain in the predicted band. This can be very secure but it requires a two way connection and is slow to get the data through.

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