Real-time clock+Thermometer+Display driver

I have need of a single chip that let me to measure time (hours and minutes in 24hh format), temperature (in °C) and alternatively display it, to a 4-LED display. Which IC do you suggest to use? Thanks in advance

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Don't know of a singe IC, but very easy to do with a BasicStamp uController, a clock(PCF8583) & a temp sensor(DS1620).

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some sort of microcontroller, there may be free source code out there on the web.

use one with atleast 14 I/O pins if you can multiplex the display, you'll need 30 or more if not.

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What do they use in cheap clocks? It may be easier to go backward from that than to build from scratch if he only wants one. Some clock chips do support temperature, even if the clock it is in doesn't.

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