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> XP SP3... is it safe? > > Also, is there a way to cause auto-logoff say after 1 hour of > inactivity? (Problem with the autistic grandson getting on YouTube > and Ebay when he's visiting.) > > ...Jim Thompson

I have a laptop with SP2 and auto updates turned OFF. It runs flawlessly and can stay on forever and not need to be rebooted.

I had a desktop with SP2 and auto updates turned ON, so it effectively was SP3. It eventually developed a nasty problem that Microsoft Tech Support blamed on auto updates. They couldn't fix it, so I reloaded Windows and SP2 and I keep auto updates OFF. It, now, runs flawlessly and haven't need to reboot it in months.


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--------- at least, that is what he is telling you. You may want to get one of those programs that monitor and control the sites he can use. This is especially true if he is downloading copyrighted data illegally (read: big fines). Feedscrn

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He goes into the site they place there for him to go to.

Do you actually think he chooses sites, and browses and clicks links for DLing files? YouTube and Ebay are not places where one finds illegal downloads.

Windows browser can be set to very limited site list for each log in user profile on a given computer. So setting him up with a four site only list, and still being able to use the machine full bore yourself, is no problem.

The XP SP3 thing is like this. Explicitly DL the full upgrade file, and perform the upgrade all at once locally, not by incremental upgrade online. Just don't do it if you are one of the effected MOBOs that do not like it. Sorry.

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Err, exactly that topic was found in this morning's paper out here. Not online but you can read it here as well:

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