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I need to show 'time remaining' for an event, and would like to use a

> row of 10 LEDs to do so. All 10 would start out illuminated, and one > LED after another will shut off as the time limit approaches. I'm > using LEDs with a chrome bezel on them (can't resist the sci-fi look > of those things), which will all be mounted in holes drilled in a > piece of plexi. I'm looking for a 'clean' way to wire them all up to > my microcontroller, which will be about 12" away. Like any LEDs, these > just have two thin pieces of wire sticking out of the back. Do I have > any options besides simply soldering stranded wire to them, and > covering the splice with heat-shrink tubing? Is there some product or > plug or component that will provide a less-cumbersome method of wiring > these things up?

You might be able to find an LED display already wired for you in a "thermometer" code, with a pretty bezel. Pass it four bits and it'll display the temperature bar. Try looking in RadioTrash or some such place.

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What Keith really means is do it like he would:

3 layer PCB Route it with 3 mil trace/space Be sure to use Microstrip


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LOL. Cruel, but funny.

(And notice how he ignored the OP's desire to use individual chrome bezels, which is obviously impossible with a bargraph module.)

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