Re: battery chargers, again


>>>> >> >>>The same happened to me after dusk on the road from Durness to =


>>in Scotland. The old Ford Cortina just stopped, no more electric. =


>>around, opened fuse box, the big one was gone. "Oh s..t!" ... no other=


>>cars traveling that road at this late hour. I did meet one horse =


>>alone, just wandering about (you see those a lot there). I seriously=20 >>>doubt it would have agreed to carry me to Inverness. So I slowly =


>>back and lucked out, found the fuse in the dirt. It had simply fallen =


> >>Lucas, Prince of Darkness? > >Sno-o-o-o-ort! Damn! Chardonnay up the nose :-( > =09 > ...Jim Thompson

Congratulations, now you know in the fullest way why i have this group marked as not safe to read with a mouthful.

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