Ramp LED means turn on / off gradually?

Hi All,

I see " Ramp LED" description, I think that means let LED turn on / off gradually, not directly, right?

It need more PIO and hardware support, can we did it directly by software ?

Best regards, Boki.

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That would be my guess.

Sure, with any old microcontroller you can just pulse-width modulate the pin driving the LED can thereby dim it. I did this at a company I once worked for that made identification card readers and had a translucent bezel around the card's slot; the LEDs were bi-colored and this was supposed to encourage people to insert their cards.

Unfortunately it turned out that another company had a patent (!) on dimming LEDs like this... apparently this was in response to the patent the company I worked for... which was for the equally absurd practice of using bi-color LEDs (and I think for using a translucent bezel too). Sheesh.

---Joel Kolstad

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Joel Kolstad

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Interesting, thanks and good luck!

Best regards, Boki.

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