Pricing help on Fluke 8845A

It seems that (almost) everyone and their pet goldfish wants $995 for the 8845A. And it is known that there is a goodly markup to that price. A number of months ago, TestMart was asking only $865 but i did not have the money at that time. Doing a Google i found that has a dozen different line items as being the Fluke 8845A, with pricing from $890 to $1195 with little to indicate the why for the difference in price. So:

1) Is the $890 for a used one or not (cannot tell)? 2) Is this a reliable company? 3) Are there any alternate sources with a similar price point for a new 8845A?
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Robert Baer
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has the 8845A for 940 USD, new.

I have bought a fair quantity of stuff from them, they screw up occasionally but they are honest and will straighten it out. Guess that's about the best you can hope for. They don't gouge on shipping either.

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I just recently dealt with tequipment and I would strongly recommend them.


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