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I am seeking help in understanding what powerline communications or Homeplug devices might be available to help me with a small project. I need run between 25 to 35 monitors from a server(s) that will be located between 50 to 400 ft from the server(s). I want to use the existing electrical infrastructure. Can someone provide me some information or feedback on this?


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What sort of monitors?

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Homer J Simpson


powerline communcations is atypically slow for most seriuos applications. 50 to 400 feet can be done many otehr ways!

if this is a commercial venture ,please contact me at snipped-for-privacy@att.net.


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Michael A. Terrell

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Comunication over power lines is a _bad_ thing. Not only because I am a radio amateur and cannot stand the interference on receivers. Power lines are not twisted, so if you have say 100 meter pieces, with pieces of various length going every way, you are simply broadcasting over a very wide band.

What is the use of testing every piece of electronics for RFI and then putting up a antenne like that? ;-)

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Jan Panteltje

you want to send high definition video over powerlines?


Bye. Jasen

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What do you want to display on the monitors, and how often does it need to be updated? Do you want the same data going to all monitors, or does each monitor get adifferent image? How accurate does the image have to be? I.e. can there be missing pixels or mispellings?

In general powerlines are only good for very slow and unreliable communications, like 9600 baud or so. That leaves out video, unless you digitize, compress ther video to mpeg, and put up with a very slow update rate.

There have been attempts to send higher rates ofver power lines, but there are many problems, not the least of which are interference with SW radio communications. Also in a industrial environment there often is much noise on the power lines, making communications impractical.

I suggest you run twisted-pair ethernet.

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Here is an article on this subject at url,

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