Power supply design - does anyone know the transfer function?

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I have been designing (using)various Linear tech power supply chips.  It se
ems current mode is the way to go.  You can use their simulation tools.  It
 seems that the whole control of the whole power supply boils down to one e
xternal pin with two capacitors and a resistor that you attach to it.  You  
pretty much start off with what their data sheet gives you , then use their
 simulation tool (with all kinds of "trust me" built into it) and then twee
k those three components.  And the reponse is pretty awesome.  Then you get
 the chip and if you are diligent you can switch resistors and look at the  
current response and the results are mostly very good.  I see the good resp
onses, I believe it is solid, but do I know the transfer function ? ( the c
urrent mode took a pole out ?!!! AWESOME).


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